Reflections (12 November 2016)

About a month into my first job out of university, I can look back favourably. I have always been afraid that the world of work would be a boring, monotonous, endeavour for survival while greasing the wheels of capitalist exploitation (excuse the language, I went to a liberal arts college). However, the work for the non-profit organisation artsNK has been varied, rewarding and appealing to my wide range of skills and interests covering music, history and community engagement.

My favourite job I have had yet occurred while in a meeting with the project lead for North Hykeham and historian Dave Reeves about the lantern-making workshops in schools. To add another element to the lantern making workshops, Dave suggested that we could create shakers for the children to make noise with in the procession on the night. To make it tie in with North Hykeham’s heritage, Dave said that the shakers could be filled with peas as a reference to the pea-picking room which was an early employer of women in North Hykeham. Therefore, after researching where to source the materials I had a long drive through the fens of south Lincolnshire to Spalding to collect some peas from Dunns International seed and pulse co. All free of charge, a man had two huge sacks of dried peas ready for me to heave to my car to take back. When I asked him if they’d last to the event on the 14th December, he replied that they’d last for about 25 years. If they don’t all get used then I know what I can survive on if there was ever a nuclear apocalypse.


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