Waddington Artist Appointed! (5 February 2017)

After the Christmas break, the Ridges & Furrows team got to work meeting with the steering group in Waddington and discussing the artist who would be working with the historian to create pieces of art reflecting the history and the community of Waddington. Unlike the project in the other locations of Welbourn and North Hykeham, Waddington Parish Council have successfully applied for funding from Arts Council England for the artist to create a permanent artwork in the village. After a difficult shortlisting process and after holding the interviews, artsNK, along with the Parish Council, decided on extending the contract to the artistic partnership of Simon Grennan and Chris Sperandio. Grennan, based in the UK, and Sperandio, based in the US, work together on different projects to create artworks which are thoroughly thought through, properly contemplated and well expressed. We can’t wait to get working with them! Here is an example of their public and private exhibitory artwork.


In the past week, myself and the project Historian Dave Reeves have been starting our investigations into the history of Waddington. We went to visit esteemed local historian Marion Sutton, who kindly let us into her home and allowed to get very excited over some old maps of the area and many other resources she has. She seemed very happy to contribute to our historical understanding of the village to make the project have an extra element of community inclusion and to help the public artwork be as appropriate as possible to the village.

All in all, good progress has been made in the Waddington section of the project and I’m very excited to see what creative produce the project will yield.