Ridges & Furrows Website Launched! (25 May 2017)

Our new Ridges & Furrows Website has been launched! Everyone can see it here: http://www.ridgesandfurrowstrail.org/

After months of planning and liaising with website creators PlinkFizz, the new website is live! It is a huge site with information on the project’s work in the three locations Ridges & Furrows has been working in- Welbourn, North Hykeham and Waddington. The website serves many purposes: it is the archive of all the material we have uncovered about the history of the villages, the gallery for all the pictures of the workshops, activities and events we have organised, an exhibition space for the artworks created, and a place to hear all of the numerous soundbites from all the oral history interviews we have carried out.

Do get online and explore all the amazing history we have uncovered and see the beautiful artworks it has inspired!