North Hykeham planning and Horkey Evaluation (19 November 2016)

A breakthrough came through this week in the naming of the event in North Hykeham. We wanted to come up with a name containing as much historical reference to the area as the name ‘Horkey’ had for the event in Welbourn. The project lead for North Hykeham was born in the town, has a passion for its local history and had also studied Anglo-Saxon. She and project historian Dave Reeves, after a bit of research, found out that one of the Anglo-Saxon names for Hykeham was ‘Haecca’. The word Haecca, twinned with ‘ham’ (added later) combined to mean ‘a clear(ed) piece of land encircled by a river’; which is what Hykeham is! We therefore had a name for our event: The Winter Haecca.


Winter Haecca Poster

I had come into the project quite late into the planning for the Welbourn Horkey, so for the North Hykeham section of the project I had been given a bit more responsibility. I set about writing the official event plan and staff rota for the Haecca on the 14th December. It gave me an insight of the meticulous planning that goes into these events; timings must be tight, volunteers and stewards must have a job at every time, risk assessments must be produced for every activity, insurance has to be provided by all organisations, artists and choreographers involved and nothing must be left to chance.

The Haecca would be twinned with the Christmas fair and nativity play that the Town Council run every year. Our rough running order had been decided: it would open with a lantern procession with school children and residents holding the lanterns made in the community workshops. The main body of the event would contain a North Hykeham song written by music artist Jo Freya, inspired by the research Dave and I had done. In addition, we were working with artsNK’s dance team and they were to put on an aerial performance, working from themes from North Hykeham’s history. All this, twinned with North Hykeham Town Council’s normal event, meant that it was shaping up to be a good night!


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