Winter Haecca: Final Lantern Making Workshop (11 December 2016)

This week was a very full week as it was the week before the Haecca on the 14th December. This week saw the finishing of the big banners that were to go on the side of the village green where the event was taking place. More final preparations were underway too, Jo Freya had her last rehearsal with the local choir, the High Notes. I also was very busy at the start of the week having long walks around the town giving leaflets to any business, person and pin board that would take them. We also had a rehearsal of the procession tune Jo had written, mid week. I was to play again, also project historian Dave Reeves and the musical co-ordinator for the event Crauford Thomson joined me to have a run through. We were made up of an accordion, melodeon and a mandolin. The procession would sound, as well as look, beautiful.

This week contained the final community workshop for the lantern making. We had a great turn out again, more than 30 people filled the Terry O’Toole theatre and used the stencils, created in the previous workshop, to make some brilliant paper lanterns. The peas I got in Spalding were also used to make shakers that were decorated in the colours of the earth, wind, fire and water theme for the North Hykeham section of the project. The procession would look amazing, fingers crossed for a dry night!


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