North Hykeham Lantern Workshop (29 October 2016)

After the Welbourn Horkey, this week afforded everyone a bit of a rest from the hectic organisation of the event. My monday involved a leisurely drive to the storage facility to drop off lots of the equipment used for the event such as stakes, signs, workshop materials and the Ridges & Furrows banners. I collected the feedback forms from the artsNK offices at the National Centre for Craft & Design and had a flick through: there was lots of great feedback and the main point of good feedback was the freshly pressed, local apple juice! Also a few expressed their fondness for the music which was nice to hear.

After that, I took a few deserved days off. However the project in North Hykeham was already underway with a lantern making workshop taking place in the Terry O’Toole Theatre, which was our base of operations for this section of the project. I helped set up the tables and equipment with the two artists for this section of the project Ruth Pigott and Nadya Monfrioli. The workshop was the first of two, this first one designed for people of all ages to create stencils of local heritage inspired designs, cut out of card, which would then form silhouettes on the lanterns. It was very well attended and people seemed to have a great time. The quality of the designs, was a good sign that the North Hykeham section of of the project would yield just as beautiful and creative artworks as in Welbourn. The North Hykeham event was going to be in the evening so the personalised Hykeham lanterns would shine against the cold winter sky! Here are a selection of the stencils made in the workshop:


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